Comparison of Different Space Indexing Methods

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Volodymyr Volosiuk
Technical Project Manager
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About the speaker:
Volodymyr Volosiuk has been working at AMC Bridge since 2008. Eager to learn new technologies and attain new skills, Volodymyr rose through the ranks from Junior Software Development Engineer to Technical Expert. Since 2019, he switched to a managerial role which he continues to occupy till now. During his tenure with the company, he participated in a bunch of projects, mostly related to CAD and computational geometry.
About the presentation:
Space indexing is an integral part of 3D graphics, game creation, and engineering software development processes. Volodymyr Volosiuk, Technical Project Manager, will tell us about the most popular space indexing data structures that allow performing relatively quick queries for object neighbors or objects close to a specific position. The speaker will focus on the data structures, such as Ok-Tree, Kd-Tree, R-Tree, and many more, their implementation, performance, and some benefits for particular use cases.
Anyone who is looking towards working with geometry (game development, engineering or scanning software, and so on). Essential computer science knowledge and basic development skills are welcomed.
Level of difficulty:
5:00 PM UTC+5:30—opening remarks, Karthikeyan Karamchandran, Managing Director of AMC Bridge in India
5:10 PM UTC+5:30—the Comparison of Different Space Indexing Methods presentation, Volodymyr Volosiuk, Technical Project Manager at AMC Bridge
5:50 PM UTC+5:30—Q&A session
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