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The Campus is when you study modern technologies and get acquainted with the software development work processes working on a training and then customer project under a team leader’s mentorship.

You can become a Campus trainee if you study at or have graduated from a post-secondary institution in a related technical field. If a student, you can join from the second semester of the second or up to the sixth study year. If a graduate, there should be no later than eighteen months from your graduation date. Commercial experience is not compulsory: we consider candidates with no or less-than-a-half-year experience.

Showing good results? Get a regular rate increase and a system of bonuses when moving from one training stage to another.

Developed applications

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Robotics Simulator with AWS RoboMaker

—Robotics Simulator with AWS RoboMaker®

A technology demonstration of simulating the robot motion using the AWS RoboMaker® cloud solution for robotic development.

Unreal® Construction Timeline Viewer for Navisworks®

—Unreal® Construction Timeline Viewer for Navisworks®

A technology demonstration of exporting 3D model geometry and timelines from Navisworks® 3D model review software and simulating the model construction process in the Unreal® engine-based executable prototype. 

CAD-to-AR for Inventor®

—CAD-to-AR for Autodesk Inventor®

A prototype for Autodesk Inventor® of viewing Inventor 3D models in augmented reality using the Unity® game engine and the EasyAR™ augmented reality engine.

ViewER-AR for iOS

—ViewER-AR for iOS®

A technology demonstration of using ARKit® developer software and CloudKit® data storage service to manipulate 3D models in augmented reality and improve interior design ideas using an iOS® device.


How to join

Three easy steps to join the Campus


Send your resume

Fill in the form with the personal data and attach your resume


Do a test assignment and attend an interview

Demonstrate your level of knowledge and tell us about your strengths


You’re on the team

Receive a job offer and start working on a real project

Send resume

Send us your contacts and resume. We will contact you soon.

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