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We build long-term relationships with our teammates, clients, and partners. It is one of the primary principles of AMC Bridge



We work with the largest vendors of the CAD industry, which share the development of entire industries

Our partners about us

Jim Quanci

Senior Director, AND, Autodesk

We are lucky to have a partner like you with both broad and deep skills with our technologies. It makes it easy to send folks looking for help your way. We know they will have a great experience.

Tejas Baindur

Product Manager, Rize Inc.

The team is very flexible, responsive, co-operative, easy to work with and efficient. It is a good experience working with AMC Bridge overall.

John Alpine

Global Vice President, Packsize

First software project I’ve had in many years that came on time, on budget and end product very well received in the market.

Tatyana Vidrevich

Chief Operating Officer, XSB Inc.

AMC Bridge has great expertise and excellent customer support. The projects are run well, I am very impressed that a lot of progress is demonstrated regularly and even early in the project.

Dmitri Rusakov

Professor, University College London

Highly competent and punctual professionals. Highly experienced in dealing with scientific issues.


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