There is no single ready-made solution. Therefore, we create complex solutions for each specific client

Markets Served

Digital manufacturing

  • - Data Interoperability and Collaboration
  • - PLM/PMD
  • - Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing
  • - Robotics
  • - CAD/CAM Automation
  • - Simulation and Digital Twin
  • - Visualization
  • - Cost estimation
  • - ERP integration
  • - Metrology and Reverse Engineering

Digital construction

  • - Data Interoperability and Collaboration
  • - BIM and Digital Twin
  • - Modular Construction
  • - Visualization
  • - Cost Estimation
  • - Design and Workflow Automation
  • - Facility Management​
  • - Scan to BIM​
  • - Cost Estimation
  • - Sustainability

Software and hightech

  • - Software Platform Development
  • - Application Development
  • - Interoperability Solutions
  • - Quality Assurance and Tech Support
  • - UI/UX Design
  • - Support and Maintenance


AMC Bridge specializes in engineering software. Our solutions developed for clients are used in the aircraft industry, engineering, robotics, architecture, and industrial construction. And we talk here about both large urban projects, such as airports, factories, and small objects.

Imagine a car part production or a plant construction. Both go through similar phases: design, cost estimation, a test model launch, quality assurance, and production. A wide array of software is used at all those stages. And we develop it.

Engineering was one of the first industries—next only to banking, perhaps—to start using computers for calculations, design, and manufacturing. At the time, NASA ran the most large-scale projects that used computer software. For example, the Apollo spacecraft project. The ship was the pinnacle of progressive engineering back then. It showed how computers could be used to calculate complex engineering processes.
— Igor Tsinman, President

At AMC Bridge, we work with the largest industry vendors that create software and with enterprises and start-ups that use that software. After all, technologies never work on their own, and just a 3D scanner or purchased VR equipment will not lead a company to digital transformation. Any package solution still needs to be integrated into existing systems, and it requires specialized development of the necessary software: additional plug-ins, integrations, connectors, and so on.

Team Members About the Work with Us

Oleksandr Zhakun,
Software Development Engineer
CAD makes the world a better place, it brings direct benefits. There will be no development without CAD, so I am proud to be a part of it. There is an opportunity to work with IoT, AR and VR, machine learning, and it is an experience that will 100% be in demand in the future. Respectively, this work today is an investment in yourself.
Veronika Demedetska,
Technical Project Manager
It resembles learning a language: you learn a language, and at the same time, you find out a lot of information about the country where it is used. The same is here: you work as a programmer, and at the same time, you learn a lot of new things related to the field of application. That is why we almost never have projects where you just have to reproduce patterns. Sometimes you need to study the subject area to find a solution to some programming question. Therefore, acting according to the manual will not work.
Oleh Yanchuk,
Technical Project Manager
I don’t consider those projects difficult. In general, I think that difficult tasks are those that just require a little more thought. For example, the development of a new algorithm functionality. When there is no specific solution, you become a researcher: you look for scientific materials and get 30-40% of the approximate solution to the problem from them. Then you face reality: you implement, step on a rake, make changes, and implement again until you find the right solution. But in the end, you find it and are high.

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